Jon Gosier

Founder –  Southbox Capital

Jon Gosier is a serial entrepreneur (with multiple exits) and investor in Fintech and media. He is a published author, screenwriter, and philanthropist. He is leveraging decades of experience to reimagine how investment, tech, and media intertwine.

RJ Joshi

Managing Partner – Southbox Capital 

RJ Joshi brings over a decade of successful experience as a co-founder/operator and investor in multiple sectors including Nanotech, Venture Capital, Hedge Fund and Fintech.

Mission statement

Our mission is to deliver superior returns by investing in successful, niche-leading companies and helping them reach the next level by applying our team’s domain expertise.


We will create value for our stakeholders by investing in companies that are not just bigger, but qualitatively better and more well positioned strategically by the time we realize the return on our investment.

Investment Philosophy

The personal investment management strategies pairs solid investment fundamentals, grounded in time-tested principles like strategy, fiscal prudence and foundational business investment, with more private equity investing endeavors and the flexibility to strongly support industry disruption, innovation, and visionary thinking.


The team at Southbox Capital understands the importance of fiscal responsibility that ensures there will always be enough resources to fund exceptional projects. That is why we are poised to become the top private equity firm for assets across a wide spectrum of industries and opportunities, including media, finance and disruptive tech startups. 


We understand the unique opportunities that we are exposed to through our high quality deal flow. We want our investments to not only deliver superior returns but also build new technologies while blazing new trails.




Atlanta, Georgia